A Comprehensive Guide to Facial Tanning Lamps

benefits of facial tanning lamps

Give your skin a honey glow in the comfort of your home through facial tanning lamps. Truly a piece of equipment made for convenience, facial tanning lamps have become very sellable items these days. If you’re getting started with facial tanning at home, this is the guide for you!

In this guide, you can learn the basics of facial tanning lamps, its benefits and uses, and how to pick the right one for your skin type, goals, and needs.


What are Facial Tanning Lamps?

Facial tanning lamps are devices that emit ultraviolet light. It emits UVA radiation and a very minimal amount of UVB. The percentage of these UV lights varies from one lamp to another based on phosphor composition.

Tanning lamps come in two varieties: low pressure and high pressure. While other tanning lamps manufacturer use both pressures. It all comes down to which one suits best for your skin type and tanning requirements.

With home tanning equipment readily available today, getting one for yourself has a lot more benefits and uses compared to going to tanning salons.

Benefits of Facial Tanning Lamps

The sun’s light provides a plethora of benefits, but too much exposure to the sun can be harmful too. Indoor tanning using facial tanning lamps solves this.

With the use of facial tanning lamps, you can achieve a natural-looking tan in a controlled environment. Tanning responsibly allows you to get the benefits of sunlight while minimizing issues that may arise when you’re tanning under the sun.

A healthy tan makes you look good. If you look good, you’ll also feel good, thus, boosting your confidence in the process.

Facial tanning lamps help vitamin D uptake all year round. It’s a fact that vitamin D is responsible for strengthening your immunity, firming up bones, and promoting general well-being.

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facial tanning lamp benefits

Why Use Facial Tanning Lamps

Too much exposure to the sun causes sunburn and increases the risk of skin cancer. With spray tans, uneven tanning can happen, and its effect only lasts several days or a week. Going to tanning salons can be quite time-consuming and expensive.

This is why facial tanning lamps come in very handy!

For one, you can control the amount of UV exposure over a minimal amount of time to get the perfect sun-kissed glow to your face. It also gives you some amount of vitamin D uptake.

The bottom line is, facial tanning lamps are guaranteed convenience, give you some privacy, and are great for relaxing any time.

 Is It Safe to Use?

Contrary to popular beliefs, facial tanning lamps are guaranteed safe to use. Health-wise, facial tanning lamps help you get that bronze glow without the risk of getting sunburn or increasing the occurrence of skin cancer, which happens from prolonged sun exposure.