Gambling Strategy: Parimutuel Method Explained

Parimutuel Method

There are all sorts of different strategies that gamblers resort to in their attempt to beat the house or at least decrease the casino edge. Some of these strategies work better than the others, although none of them will help you completely negate the inherent house edge on any of the popular games.

Having said that, having a strategy-based approach to gambling is usually better than just trying to wing it. In this article, we’ll explain the Parimutuel method, one of the lesser-known but rather interesting strategies you might want to have in your gambler’s playbook.

How Does Parimutuel Method Work?

The Parimutuel method is more common in sports betting than it is in casino games. It is a betting system where you aren’t betting against the bookmaker or the house but rather against another player or a group of players.

Because of this, Parimutuel betting is legal almost everywhere in the world, even in the countries that aren’t particularly pro-gambling.

The way it works is that all bets are placed in one large betting pool. You don’t get fixed odds like with traditional betting or when playing casino games. Instead, you take your pick, just as always, and then wait for the betting to be closed. When this happens, the house determines odds for every single selection based on the number of people betting on that selection.

So, it’s the bettors themselves who set the odds. The house or the bookmaker only play the role of an intermediary in this case. They don’t care about the outcome as they charge a fixed fee for their services regardless of the results. Once their fee is deducted, all remaining funds are added to the pool and distributed as described in the previous paragraph.

Using Parimutuel Betting to Your Advantage

It’s not easy to take advantage of the Parimutuel method. Unlike some other gambling strategies, this one doesn’t offer a lot of information to go on. You’re only given estimates by the bookmaker or the casino but these are subject to change.

Of course, with experience, you can become better at reading these predictions and figuring out how likely they are to be close to the final odds.

As mentioned, this is more of a strategy for betting fans but you could still use it in a casino in certain circumstances. One example where this could be useful is roulette, which is one of the more popular table games around.

You probably won’t be able to use this method against the casino as roulette already has its fixed odds. However, you might be able to get a group of players together and set up your own Parimutuel pool for a certain number of spins. This could work very well online, where you have access to all the stats you need. For more detailed info on the Parimutuel Method and how to implement it into gambling/betting, head over toカジノ必勝法/パリミュチュエル方式/

At the end of the day, this may not be one of those gambling strategies you absolutely must know but having some basic knowledge about it definitely helps. You never know when an opportunity might present itself where this knowledge could come in handy.